Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, 2016

                                                       Understanding the Human Brain     

This will be a review of the anatomy, functions, and evolution of the human brain. We will look at how the human brain evolved and the discoveries that have created our current understanding of the brain. We will review human memory and its neurological foundations, as well as the ways the human brain can become diseased. Alzheimer’s, Vascular, Frontal, Lewy Body, and Prion neurodegenerative diseases will be examined. We will end with a review of how neuroscience will be presenting challenges for the justice system. This will be an interesting review of what we currently know about the human brain.

Meeting Schedule: Day: W,  10:00 AM - 12:00 PM;1/20/2016 - 2/24/2016 (6 Meeting Days)

Location: Main Campus/Creative Arts Bldg., Room CA 255

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1. Neuroanatomy & Functions of the Brain

2. Brief History of Discoveries in Neuroscience

3. Evolution of the Human Brain

4. How We Learn: Brain and Memory

5. Brain Fitness

6. Neuroscience and the Law

                                    Compiler: Charles J. Vella, PhD


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